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5 Top of The Range Health Spas in Kiev

5 Top of The Range Health Spas in Kiev

My tourists always look forward to a period of pure relaxation and de-stressing while in Kiev. Besides the usual sightseeing to various locations, a spa holiday comes in handy as a timely stress reliever, which also improves diet and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Again, here is the good news. There is a wide range of locations within the city that offer spa therapy and excellent holistic activities.

Some of them are within walking distance. You can enjoy amazing pamper sessions, while also mesmerizing in the beautiful local scenery. Here are some of the very best health spas in Kiev that I usually recommend.

1. Spa Sense Podil

One of the health and wellness resorts I have a nag for is the Spa Sense Podil. Why? Because its highly accessible, being right within the city. The venue is also a perfect place for ultimate relaxation. So if you are in Kiev and feeling tired and lethargic, you can go here.

Some of the excellent services include hours long scrubbing, and sauna. You can also benefit from deep professional massage, which leaves you feeling light and fully refreshed.

I always joke that if you want to have your back crack in a good way, then this spa is your best bet. They have a specialist applying a particular posture to realign your back.

Another game-changer is their infusion of special herbs, which permeate into your whole body system, ensuring that you feel more rejuvenated and energetic.

I can also vouch for the staff who are warm, friendly, and welcoming, and never set a foot wrong in the dispensation of all types of wellness services. Other than that, the prices are also quite affordable.

2. Salon Thai Massage Elephant

The truth is that most of my tourists arrive in Kiev with jetlag. Sightseeing also involves lots of walking, which makes you quite weary. And if at all yours is a soft bed, then the impact on your body is quickly apparent. In this case, I usually recommend a Thai massage for deep relaxation.

One of the best places you can get this type of bodywork is at the elephant. Of course, the location features excellent ambiance, while the ancient technique heals and rejuvenates your body by eliminating any lingering physical and mental imbalance.

The technique also eliminates muscle blocks, while at the same time enhancing blood circulation to all sections of your body. Only professional massage therapists handle the sessions. As such, they can easily identify problem zones on your body and channel the therapy rhythmically.

The cost of this type of massage depends mostly on the duration and intensity of the session. A typical session can last for as little as 30 minutes. Others can go for as long as 3 hours; it all depends on your needs.

3. Zhemchuzhina Spa

Are we looking for spa variety? Well, this spa features a wide range of unique massages to improve your overall well-being. From the excellent stone rubbing to chocolate spa treatments, hydro massage, and pearl baths, you are spoilt for choice in the line-up of therapies.

I prefer taking my clients to this wellness center because of the over the top professionalism from the staff. Besides, you can also enjoy a variety of therapy sessions at reasonable prices. The location is quite impressive, and consisting of a private beach area from where you can enjoy the sea breeze.

4. Bath of Aphrodite

The Bath of Aphrodite is a unique experience that I’m always eager to recommend. The venue is about 6 kilometers from the city center, allowing you to access quickly. Other than that, I would gladly say it’s the perfect place for hot water bathtubs.

The primary technique, which can only compare to water and fire baptism, is simply amazing. To begin with, you immerse into a tub of hot water, which is about 45 degrees and then plunge right into the cold freezing river, which is usually about 5 degrees.

The icy water refreshes and rejuvenates, and works great for your skin, too. Meanwhile, underneath the bathtub, there is a live-fire which fuels the iron cast tub. It features a cold faucet for temperature control once the container becomes extremely hot.

Did I mention that the river is part of the magnificent view at this location? Yes, it contributes to the beauty and serenity of the spa area. I can also assure you that the staff is quite warm and professional and the prices are quite friendly. We can always place it on the itinerary of sightseeing and experiencing a new lifestyle.

5. Kuzmichevskie Bani

Its official, Kuzmichevskie, promises a life-changing experience. I would say the wellness center is both beautiful and quiet with first-rate facilities. Some of the excellent services include honey and sea salt scrub and spot-on parenie therapy.

There is also a hot tub, and a pond to take a plunge. Then if you need a quick nap, no problem, as the venue features an authentic banya room for the same purpose. Since there is no catering facility, you may have to carry your food and drinks.

Such is necessary as you may take more than a few hours at the session, depending on the type of treatment /therapy you are having. Other than that, expect only warmth and professionalism. the prices are quite reasonable and depending on the kind of spa service.


There are so many reasons why a health spa should be on your itinerary while you are in Kiev. For instance, most of my clients lead highly busy lives, and they haven’t had the time/opportunity to take care of themselves. This is the right time to sneak in some well-deserved TLC.

Depending on the services, you get a whole new experience about deep relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind. As your tour guide, I’m well-equipped to take you along this journey, showing you the best places in Kiev, and ensuring you get the best spa treatment with professional therapists.

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See you in Kiev 🙂