Are There Monkeys in Ukraine?

Are There Monkeys in Ukraine | Kiev tour guide

No, there are no monkeys in the wild in Ukraine. The country is not a natural habitat for monkeys. Despite being home to almost 108 species of animals, there are no primates in the wild of this country.

Try the local zoo

However, you can find them in circuses and zoos around major cities such as Kiev. So if you are in Kiev, do not miss a chance to see the primates at the Kiev zoo.

Then, of course, there are some street performers in possession of a few monkeys. They’ll always entice tourists with an abnormally high charge just to take a picture with them.

I would suggest that you avoid such encounters at all costs. But if you must have this photo with a monkey on your shoulder, make sure to negotiate prices in advance.

Wildlife in Ukraine

You shouldn’t despair, though, as there are other numerous wildlife species, such as wild pigs, deer, and wolves which constitute the majority of mammals over here.

Other examples of rare, but beautiful wildlife you can watch are as follows:


These are fascinating wild sheep that originated from parts of the Mediterranean, Sardinia, and islands of Corsica.
Most people consider them as being the original ancestors of the present domesticated sheep.

If you want to watch this animal at close range, I would suggest you pay a visit to the Askaniya-Nova reserve. The reserve boasts of a population of over 1000 of mouflon.


Known also as the Eurasian elk, this remarkable wild animal is a relatively larger species of the deer family.

It’s quite unfortunate that its populations are almost becoming extinct, because of unabated hunting. Still, you can explore the parts of northwestern Polisia to watch what remains of their few numbers.

Wild Boar

I would say that these wild animals were a common sight throughout Ukraine decades ago, but they are now becoming a rarity.

Now you can sight them in parts of Kiev, and the Dniester River. You can also find them in locations such as Mohyliv-Podilskyi and Vinnitsa.

Exotic Bird Species

If you are an avid bird watcher, all I can is that you are in luck. Ukraine boasts of exotic bird species, such as the golden oriole.
The pied Avocet is also an interesting black and white feathered bird from the Avocet family. Actually, there’s the whole lineup of bird species, and most of them can be found in the expansive woodland and orchards in the entire country.

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