Can You Drink The Tap Water in Kiev?

Can You Drink The Tap Water in Kiev

The short answer is yes you can do so if you like, but I do not recommend you drink tap water in Kiev or in any other city in Ukraine, unless it goes through a water filter first.

Some time ago, it was normal to just boil tap water, and drink it after it cool down in glass containers.

Even today, it’s totally normal to use it for preparing tea or coffee at home!

Make sure to use a water filter

Many hotels as well as apartment owners install modern water purification systems, making it totally safe to drink from the tab. So, make sure to ask if there are any filters installed where you are staying, before pouring yourself a cup tap water!

Generally speaking, tap water in Kiev is not bad. It is perfectly fine to brush your teeth with it, like anywhere else across Ukraine.

Certainly, you don’t have to worry about bacterial contamination, but you still need to get rid of chemicals, chlorine, and any heavy metals. And when there are no water filters in place and you are desperate for some water, one or two cups should not have a negative impact on you or make you ill.

If you know you have a sensitive stomach, rather avoid drinking the tap water at all costs if it has not been filtered!

Drink bottled water instead

The good news is that good quality purified bottled water is available everywhere in Kiev, and at a very reasonable cost.

In fact, our bottled mineral water is used in treating various health conditions that effect one’s digestive system.

Just order it online with Uber Eats or any other food delivery services in Kiev.

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