Can You Flush Toilet Paper in Ukraine?

Can You Flush Toilet Paper in Ukraine

It might come as a surprise to many traveler to Ukraine from Many tourists from countries that flushing toilet paper in Ukraine is an absolute no-no!

Ukraine is not unique here, there are several Western European countries where flushing paper down the toilet is not the correct thing to do. Greece, Turkey, Egypt among others also share this no toilet paper flushing policy.

In fact, the only thing should be flushed down a toilet in Ukraine is human waste, absolutely nothing more. You should therefore not even think about flushing down items such as feminine products, diapers, cigarette ash or anything else!

Put it in the bin instead

Instead of flushing toilet paper, you will need to throw it in the bin.

There will always conveniently be a lined bin located right next to the toilet to help you remember where to throw your used paper.

Toilet bins are emptied on a regular basis so there is no need to worry about hygiene or any development of intense smell.

An accidental flushing won’t clog the toilet

It is natural to forget that you should not be flushing toilet paper while in Ukraine, do not despair as one or two sheets will not cause the plumbing system to break down or the toilet to clog up, but you definitely need to make an effort to remember because a problem will happen if you continue doing so.

It’s better to be extra careful if the building you are staying in is quite old.

Many older buildings in Ukraine generally have old and rather poor plumbing and it does not take much for the plumbing system to run into problems.

That being said, even the more modern structures which have better plumbing are simply not designed to accommodate flushing of toilet paper.

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