Do I Need to Tip in Ukraine?

Do I Need to Tip in Ukraine | Kiev Tour Guide

The truth is that tipping in restaurants here is somehow expected. Generally, most of the restaurant staff receive a paltry remuneration on a monthly basis. I would say, their pay is equal to the minimum wage.

So, tipping is not just a humanitarian act, but it goes a long way in topping up their regular income.

How much to tip

I know you are wondering how much you need to tip. The standard tip ranges from 5% to 20% for waiters. And then, the most common tip in an upscale setting for a porter/baggage carrier is usually the equivalent of $1.

Do restaurants charge an additional fee to serve the purpose?

It’s so true; some restaurants do charge a service fee, which should naturally complement tipping. I suggest that you check your bill for this item.

If it’s there, then you need to think before you can tip. But then again, the question remains whether this service charge is reflected in the final remuneration of the staff. Ideally, you may simply need to tip anyway.

Can you tip using a credit card? 

Actually, it’s not possible and convenient to tip using credit cards. Even if the main meal and everything other service accepts paying via credit cards, it becomes difficult to tip using the same method.

The best option, therefore, is that you carry small bills of the local currency. You can also bring small-dollar bills for the purpose. Then, you can tip as the occasion dictates.

What about tipping using coins in Ukraine?

Of course, I have been asked this question many times before. Personally, I tend to think that tipping using coins is somehow inappropriate.

It can also be considered as an insult. The best way is to have small notes either in the local or foreign currency.

However small a bill/note is, it looked upon with more respect than coins.

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