How Expensive is Kiev?

How Expensive is Kiev?

Kiev is not just one of the most vibrant cities in the Europe, but it’s also famed for its affordable prices in virtually everything. From food, accommodation to transport, you can have it all without burning a hole in your pocket.

One key assurance I usually give my tourists is that with Kiev prices, there is always a budget for everyone. Let’s delve further.


There is a whole lineup of hotels, ranging from budget, mid-range, luxury, and 5-star hotels, which offer some of the best prices.

Cheap rental apartments are also in plenty. It does not matter how long you intend to stay, as the cost of longterm accommodation is quite low. That’s if you compare it to most of the other European capitals.

I would say that some of the highly rated budget hotels range at $ 25 per day. You can also opt for a hostel stay, and here you pay as a little as $4 per day.  I can also recommend spacious double rooms right in the city, which cost a measly $20 per day.

Kiev nightlife

One of the experiences I expose my tourists to is the city’s nightlife. You can have an evening of your life at the most affordable prices.

Here is my rough estimate; with just $ 35, you can treat yourself to a pre-party spot in the city. With that amount, that you can enjoy a free table reservation, a sumptuous Mediterranean/Asian/Georgian or any other delicacy, and a drink or two.

However, if you want to have value for your money, $100-150 would do you justice. This amount allows you to sample an all-round variety in terms of nightclub entry fees, music, food,  and a few nice drinks.

Car rentals

Local transportation is ever so easy with a wide variety of cheap car rentals. For example, you can part  with  just $25 per day for 4 passenger car.

Another more economical alternative to renting, which I usually recommend for most of my tourists is uber and taxis. You can expect to pay between $3 to $10 for most rides in Kiev.

What I would say is that the more the variety there is, the easier you can play with your budget.

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