How Far is Chernobyl From Kiev?

How Far is Chernobyl From Kiev | Kiev Tour Guide

The direct line distance from Kiev to Chernobyl is approximately 94 Kilometers, while the distance by road between these two cities is roughly 134 kilometers.

The location is located in the northern part of Kiev, which is an approximate one and a half to two hours’ drive from Kiev, depending on your mode of transport to Chernobyl from Kiev.

Let’s talk  about the Exclusion Zone

It’s actually one of the fascinating experiences I usually recommend to my tourists. Knowledge of this reactor area is something you must keep at the tip of your fingertips as it comes in so handy during your trip to Chernobyl.

Okay, it is an area of 2600 square kilometers (~1000 square miles) surrounding the nuclear plant reactors, deemed quite hazardous.

What’s there to experience?

I must say, the location is fun, and we can get to witness chilling abandon amusement parks, schools, and even buildings that defy the test of time.

An interesting fact about the area around Chernobyl is that it’s a popular setting for many movies and series.

The standout look makes it perfect for shooting various scenes that you may have unknowingly observed during your lazy days of movie binge-watching.

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Is Kiev safe and free from radiation?

Many travelers do ask if Kiev, with its proximity to Chernobyl, is safe and free from the effects of radiation. My answer is always in the affirmative. Kiev is entirely safe.

According to scientific evidence, the levels within the normal range of radiation in Kiev is a negligible 0.15 units, which is completely harmless. Thus, the people, food, water, and environment are all free from any effects of radiation.

You do not need a mask to walk around here!

PS, this isn’t as portrayed in movies about radiation. Reading Kiev is Safe From Radiation and This is Why will give you more insight into the radiation status of the city.

Radiation safety in Kiev

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