How Far is Kharkiv From Kiev?

How Far is Kharkiv From Kiev | Kiev tour guide

The flight distance which is also the straight-line distance between Kiev and Kharkiv is approximately 418 kilometers, and equivalent to 260 miles. And depending on how you decide to travel, it will take you from 1 to 10 hours to travel the distance.

Let me say that there are, in fact, many ways to travel for this trip. You can make it with a train, bus, private car and flight.

Talking of trains, I usually recommend the intercity train as it’s so convenient in terms of pricing and schedule.

Now, let’s calculate the distance using different means:

Distance by car 

The driving distance between Kiev and Kharkiv is approximately 470 kilometers. So supposing you are riding your car using the average 112km/h (~70 mph) speed, it takes close to 4 hours.

I suggest you set aside about $120 to $150 as an average cost for private car travel, and here you can find about where to find a decent care rental for your trip: Renting a Car in Kiev: Is it Worth the Money?

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How far by train  

An alternative means to reach Kharkiv from Kiev is by train. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also much faster than a typical bus trip.

Well, the journey takes about 4 hours, 50 minutes, and 10 hours at most.

Ticket prices usually cost between $13 and $24 depending on the class you are booking.

If you hate sitting for 5 hours, then you better take an overnight train since most of them are equipped with sleeper accommodation.

What’s the distance by bus

The time it takes to navigate from Kiev to Kharkiv by bus is roughly 6 hours. That’s if you pick the fastest bus!

Some coaches can take up to 9 hours to cruise this route depending on any detours.

I usually recommend taking an overnight bus because of the time of arrival. The overnight buses start departing from 7 pm to about 11 pm, and arriving between 3 am to 6 am.

The bus journey should cost you between $13-30.

How far by plane

If you want to get to Kharkiv in record time, then your best option should be by plane.

Your best bet is an internal commercial flight, which takes approximately 1 hour.

The cost of a typical commercial flight from Kiev to Kharkiv ranges between $30 to $ 80 depending on the seat you are booking.

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