How Far is Kiev Airport From City Center?

How Far is Kiev Airport From City Center? (And How to Get There!)

Well, the distance is approximately 8 kilometers (~5 mi). And the ride is usually short and comfortable, allowing you to be at your destination within a quick 10-20 minutes, in light to moderate traffic.

Important to note that there are two international airports in Kiev, the one we are taking about is Kiev International Airport (Zhuliany), which is located within the city limits.

For information about both airports in Kiev, and how to navigate them and get to the city make just skip to Best Ways to Get From Kiev Airport to Downtown Kiev.

The route comes with unlimited means of transport. For example, you can opt for an Uber, taxi, city bus or minibus, each of which takes a certain amount of time to reach the city center.

Uber ride from Kiev International airport

Of course, it’s quite easy to catch an Uber from the airport to the city center. And as usual, the ride zooms in your presence within 5-10 minutes of an order.

So, you can expect to be at your destination in downtown within a record 10, and 20 minutes at most.

The timing depends on the time of day. Hence when there is no road congestion, all is quite fast.

  • It costs about $5-$6 to enjoy this ride.


Another good option I usually recommend is a taxi ride, but only if you use a local taxi app such as Uklon, which helps you to order your ride quite quickly.

Same as Uber, you should be in the city center within few minutes.

You can also check at the airport for an official taxi services, which have their English speaking drivers at the ready.

  • The cost ranges from $ 5-8.

Distance by city bus

This includes the trolley bus and minibus. Although they are much cheaper than the other options, a typical bus ride can take much longer to arrive.

Usually, most of these buses arrive within 35 minutes of departing the airport. If you do not mind the longer timeframe, the coaches are basically convenient, cheap, and safe.

  • The cost of this trip is a measly 30 cents, so you can imagine how much you could save.

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