How Far is Lviv From Kiev?

How Far is Lviv From Kiev

The Kiev to Lviv trip has always been on the itinerary for most of my tourists. Well, it takes slightly over 500 km (~310 mi) to cover the journey from Kiev to Lviv.

There are indeed many travel options between Lviv and Kiev. This means that you can cover the trip using a bus, train, car or even plane, depending on your preference.

I always recommend travel by train, bus or car because then you can explore great sites and and visit  smaller towns along the way.  These in-between stopovers also comprise of beautiful affordable hotels and great local food.

How far by train from Kiev to Lviv?

It usually takes between 5 to 6 hours to cover the ride from Kiev to Lviv by train.

I would suggest that you buy second class tickets which are cheap, costing about $12.75. But if Money is not an issue, then you can purchase first-class tickets going for almost double the price.

Some coaches could take as long as 14 hours to cover the destination. It all depends on the route and detours along the way. Again, I can recommend traveling overnight so as to beat any road congestion that is quite common during day hours.

How far by bus from Kiev to Lviv?

Thinking of going by bus? You can expect to reach your destination in approximately 6 ½ hours if you are traveling by bus from Kiev to Lviv.

This is especially so if you choose to ride some of the fastest buses that commute this route.

There are plenty of overnight buses scheduled to start between 4 pm and 11 pm in the night, to arrive in Lviv in the early morning hours.

How far by car from Kiev to Lviv?

What about doing a private vehicle? Of course, it’s another excellent option for your trip. It usually takes roughly 6 hours to your destination by car.

The best thing about this mode of transport is that you enjoy uninterrupted stopovers at such sites as the Tunnel of Love. You also have the opportunity to explore Tarakaniv Fort.

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