How Far is Odessa From Kiev?

How Far is Odessa From Kiev? (And How to Get There!)

The distance between Odessa and Kiev is roughly 440 kilometers (~273 miles). It comprises several travel options.

From the usual train, car, bus to plane, you have it all at your disposal. So let’s calculate how far and long it takes you to cover this trip by each mean of transport:

How far by car

The distance by road from Kiev to Odessa is approximately 480 kilometers (~298 miles).

Assuming that you are riding your car at the normal and recommended 112km/h (~70 mph), you should cover the trip in close to 4 hours.

Going by car should cost you between $35 to $60 for the entire journey.

If you opt for a taxi, a typical trip takes about 5 hours and costs nothing less than $ 120-160.

Taking the bus from Kiev to Odessa

Traveling by bus is also another convenient choice and you can expect to arrive at your destination in just about 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Some buses can take slightly shorter/longer time, so you need to book carefully depending on how fast you need to arrive in Odessa.

The journey to Odessa from Kiev should cost you within the range of $15 to $30.

Distance by train

I usually suggest my tourists take the train. Why? Because it’s cheap, fast and safe!

It covers the journey in just about 7 hours, and you can opt for an overnight trip.

Although this overnight voyage can take longer to arrive, it’s usually a fun journey.

Some trains consists of a restaurant wagon for you to sample delicious food, as you gaze at the passing great sceneries.

The train tickets usually cost between $13-27.

Flying from Kiev to Odessa

If you are looking to make a quick dash from Kiev to Odessa, a flight is your best bet.

The flying distance is approximately 440 kilometers (~273 miles), and the journey takes about 1 hour.

A direct one way trip by plane from Kiev to Odessa costs start from $120.

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