How Many Hotels Are in Kiev?

How Many Hotels Are in Kiev? (And How to Get The Best Deals in The City!)

The latest research statistics indicate there are, in fact, over 164 hotels in Kiev. These include mini-hotels, some guesthouses, many hostels, and apartments.

And the number of Kiev hotels could skyrocket by twofold in the coming few years.

My mind tells me that the key reason for this is the steady increase in the number of tourists coming to the city.

Booking a hotel in Kiev

It is easy to handle your own booking before arriving to Kiev, thanks to many international hotel booking websites like Booking.com.

But unbeknown to most people, you can still find even better hidden options and better deals using reputable local websites such as hotels24.ua to their hotel in Kiev.

These can get you some of the best deals out there, placing you in some of the best hotels at prices you can afford.

Even better, they are ready to follow up with a call, or e-mail and help you match your needs.

Rental apartments

Usually, it doesn’t really matter whether you are here on a short-term or long-term basis. What matters is that you feel at home away from home.

Hence, you need to weigh on a lot more options based on quality, affordability, safety, and most of all privacy of your living situation while in Kiev. It’s the very reason I always recommend rental apartments.

You will find great variety of rental apartments, located right in the down town Kiev, and you get all the ambiance of a home.

They are not only cheap, but they are fully furnished and provide you with all the privacy you require.

Some of them cost as low as $30 while others can go as high as $100. And even more if you go for a luxury apartment around Kiev city center district.

It all depends on the value you place on your money.

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