How Old is Kiev?

How Old is Kiev? (The Answer is Interesting!)

According to scholarly material, the origin of the city dates back to the 5th century. And not to forget, as recently as 1982, the residents were busy celebrating the city’s 1,500 years since its inception.

What’s the history of Kiev?

According to legendary accounts, the origin of the city can be traced back to a founding family of three Slavic brothers and a sister.

These comprised of Kyi, who was the eldest, and therefore the de facto leader of the group. Others were Shchek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid.

We are told, they were instrumental in building the  Slavic settlements, known as Kiev on hilltops in that vicinity.

As you can also see, the settlements took after the name of the older brother, Kyi.

Of course, the city grew in its populations and also vibrant architecture, politics, and commerce, up until the second world war when it was devastatingly destroyed.

The good news is that within a decade, Kiev had been restored back to its previous glory. Then, of course, the disaster at Chernobyl almost shook it to its core, because of its proximity.

But in spite of these challenges, the city has made an even stronger comeback in the recent times.

Let’s talk about modern Kiev 

The present-day Kiev is quite impressive. Why? As the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev is a huge mix of what was, and what’s new.

I would say that this great and unique combination is what draws most of the visitors from all corners of the globe.

Let’s take, for instance; more than 70% of the architecture that was in place in the early 20 century is still in place and well-preserved.

The city has dramatically evolved such that its economic stature is not just one of the largest, but it’s also the most talked about in this part of Europe.

With the fall of the soviet union and declaration of independence of Ukraine, the resurrection has clearly happened.

How? It’s quite obvious that Kiev has become a vibrant center of active political, social, and economic activities.

Let me also be quick to add that it’s not just the commerce that is thriving, but also general infrastructure.

A close look at the city’s communication and roads network shows that it’s doing exceptionally well.

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