How Populous is Kiev?

How Populous is Kiev | Kiev tour guide

According to recent population statistical data, the city is a host to approximately three million residents. It’s an enormous figure, and not to say it also ranks at number 7 of the most populated cities in Europe.

Can we measure Kiev’s population growth?

Yes, of course. But I would also like to warn you that it has been a roller coaster ride when you carefully evaluate Kiev population’s growth over the years.

The city had about half a million people at the turn of the 20th century, and by 1914, there were more than 600,000, but for some reason, this number was followed by a steady decline.

By the late 50s to the early 60s, though, the city had over 1 million residents.

Only God knows, but I suspect the baby boom generation in most of Europe, also contributed to Kiev population growth, which doubled in the 80s.

Anyway, they say good things do not last, and so we as ushered in the new millennium, there was no evidence of accelerated growth in the city’s population.

But recent times have seen a change in fortunes, and the numbers, though not as high, are up again.

The best thing is that Kiev remains as attractive as ever. Talk of the historical landmarks, the rich culture, and the bustling economy.

With such a concoction, it’s expected that the population will continue to rise.

So, what’s the exact size of the city of Kiev?

I suggest that we do not dive into the deeper end of mathematics when looking at the city’s size. So simply put, the size is roughly 839 square kilometers.

If you divide this with the number of residents, it translates into about 3,300 people residing over each square kilometer.

I always convince people not to gawk and freeze at all the statistical information. Kiev is still big enough to accommodate you and I.

Let’s keep going. The most significant percentage of the area residents are local Ukrainians. The rest comprises of Russians, Jewish, Poles, Belarusians, and other nationalities.

Another significant thing is language, and it’s clear that most people living in the city speak Ukrainian, which is the main official language. But we also have a considerable percentage speaking Russian.

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