How To Get To Airport Zhuliany From The Railway Station?

How To Get To Airport Zhuliany From The Railway Station? | Kiev Tour Guide

Your best options will be ordering an Uber from Southern Railway Station to Zhuliany airport.

The southern stations is basically the name of the second entrance of the station. This will be the modern looking one, right opposite KFC and next to ibis hotel.

The distance between these two locations is a mere 8 kilometers, and here are more details on your options to get to airport:

Ride by shuttle

This mode of transport is both swift and affordable, allowing you to be at the airport within a quick 15-30 minutes. You can purchase your tickets at a paltry $0.10 (10 cents).

Use Uber

You can catch an Uber for a comfortable and quick ride to the airport. The best thing is that you can use their app to order quickly.

I have seen that it arrives within the first 5 minutes of an order. Then, the trip takes about  10-20 minutes. The cost for this ride ranges between $4-$6.

Use public transport

If you do not mind public means, then Kiev public transport is another good option.

Buses zoom in a schedule of 15-18  minutes, so you don’t have to wait for long to get onto one. Of course, there are many stops, but it still remains a cheaper and convenient option.

You can expect to arrive at the airport in about 25-30 minutes (maybe more in bad traffic) and you will need to fork out a measly $0.06 (6 cents) for the ride.

You can go by taxi

I can also recommend the taxi, which obviously provides an extra layer of comfort. You need to install an app such as Uklon to order your cab quickly.

This ride takes about 10- 20 minutes.

There are plenty of drivers, and so this gives you an edge to negotiate the best price.

The average price is between $4.50-$10, and should not go beyond that. But if hassling is not your game, then just go for the metered taxis.

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