Is Kiev A Poor City?

Is Kiev A Poor City? | Kiev Tour Guide

No, Kiev isn’t a poor city!

Even though it hasn’t been all smooth-sailing in its development and growth, today, the city scores quite high in all the key parameters that enable its residents to live comfortably and create wealth.

There is a rise of the middle class

Most of us are witness to economic doldrums Kiev has endured in the past years.

This obviously impacted negatively on the city, which also led to a declining number of its middle class. But recent times have seen a steady rise, especially among the younger generation.

One of the reasons is that there are abundant opportunities for growth, especially in terms of startups.

The levels of taxation are also quite attractive. If you combine this with lots of young talent, the rise is simply unstoppable.

A large presence of a wealthy class

My first-time tourists are highly stunned once they set foot in the city.

This is because unlike what they have seen in the movies, and what Hollywood portrays, things are significantly different on the ground.

The truth is that, more often than not, there is a full lineup of luxury cars zooming across the city.

We can also talk about the presence of high brands and upscale locations in Kiev, which is a sign of money and splendor.

Yes, that’s Kiev for you, and I would say in many aspects, it matches the high standards of any other European city.

Decent life quality score

The city of Kiev scores high in terms of affordable housing, and the general cost of living. Safety, access to medical care, and travel connectivity also within the normal ranges.

Likewise, official statistics place crime much lower compare to other cities in Europe, and the US.

This is a positive outlook that can only be pinned to a city that is both healthy and wealthy.

Restoration through facelift

First impressions matter. And so the appearance of old unmaintained buildings in the past often gave a bad vibe to first-time visitors. But this is now history.

Why would I say so? Because with the advent of the Euro 2012 championship, the city acquired a brand new facelift.

It primarily benefited from repairs and other necessary makeovers, allowing it to look both modern and beautiful.

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