Is Kiev In Russia?

Is Kiev In Russia | Kiev Tour Guide

No, Kiev is not in Russia. I wish to clarify that despite the misconceptions, Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine, which is an independent country in Eastern Europe.

The city is located along the Dnieper River in the north-central part of Ukraine.

Kiev is considered to be the 6th most populous in Europe and it also leads in terms of culture, education, commerce, and tourism in this part of eastern Europe.

What are the reasons for the misconceptions?

Let me try to explain. Before its independence in 1991, Ukraine was part of the larger Soviet Union, as was Russia, and many other Eastern European states.

The mix-up can be traced back to a similar system of government used by each of these countries.

Another factor could be that a section of Ukraine actually borders Russia and vast number of Ukrainians speaking Russian language.

A distinct language and culture

Although Russian is widely spoken all around Ukraine, Ukrainian is still the country’s only official language.

I would like to add that the country boasts of a unique and independent culture and traditions that are both similar and quite distinct from anything Russian.

The alphabet, grammar, phonetics, and word pronunciation of Russian and Ukrainian languages are very similar, but they are still two separate languages that share similar origin.

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What does the ancient history of Kiev say?

According to ancient history, Kiev has been existence since 482AD.

Folklore has it that the city began as a settlement created by three Slavic brothers known as Kyi (whose name the city is derived), Schek, and Khoryv.

The beautiful hilly shores are what drew these settlers and later many others. It then became the center of great Slavic civilization and great commerce.

Kiev as a popular travel destination

The city stands on one of the historical and ancient architectural landmarks that have withstood time. But it’s also a modern city with a vibrant economy.

We cannot limit it to just any single aspect. So, modern infrastructure, buildings, shopping malls, beautiful greenery and gardens of the city, and accessible transportation is what makes Kiev a popular destination.

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