Is Kiev In The Exclusion Zone?

Is Kiev In The Exclusion Zone? | Kiev Tour Guide

Kiev is not in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. These two locations have a distance of more than 100 kilometers in-between, and it takes roughly two hours from Kiev to the edge of the exclusion zone.

The exclusion zone is an area around a 30 km (~18.5 mi) radius, where you can visit, but are not allowed to live.

The degree of danger is usually exaggerated, and there are just tiny spots of the exclusion zone that are still off-limits.

So, lots of excursions and tours are frequently organized, and this should not cause you any fear and worries.

What I advise, though, is you plan your tour, and travel along with a professional guide. You can check out Your Quick Guide To Visiting Chernobyl for more info about Kiev and the exclusion zone.

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Is Kiev safe from the radiation and its effects?

Okay, let’s try to imagine. If Chernobyl exclusion zone, the center of the action is said to be safe, then it’s just logical to assume that Kiev, in afar off distance is, even more, safer from any effects of radiation.

Official reports also stress the fact that Kiev has been entirely free any radiation for decades, and there is no need to stress.

Basically, the environment, food, water, and people of the city of Kiev and its surroundings are free from any adverse effects of radiation.

I encourage you to read Kiev is Safe From Radiation and This is Why, as it offers more insight on the radiation status of the city.

Radiation safety in Kiev

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