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Key Reasons Why Kiev Is A Popular Tourist Destination

Key Reasons Why Kiev Is A Popular Tourist Destination

Should you plan to visit Kiev? Of course, yes, and looking at the numbers, the city ranks among top locations where foreign visitors are trooping each successive year. As a seasoned tour guide, I would say there are so many reasons for this status quo.

Besides its advance in areas such as architecture and history, Kiev is legendary for its top attractions, including significant landmarks. The city home to some of the most beautiful locations and landscapes.

It’s also a bustling marketplace that offers affordable services ranging from transportation, food, and luxury products. Meanwhile, it’s a strategic location in the north, serving as a gateway to the famous city of Chernobyl, also a significant tourist attraction.

Now, let me give an in-depth explanation.

Kiev Is Safe

Kiev is like any other modern city, so you cannot miss a few out of the ordinary elements/incidences. But besides that, it remains one of the safest capitals in the world. Issues of terrorism and unprovoked attacks are rare. According to available statistics, the crime rate is quite low, and you can walk around the streets in the late hours of the night without fear.

Also, unlike in the past years, the highways are so well-lit and less hazardous. The city’s roads are smooth, meaning that driving is safe, comfortable, and less road carnage. Another plus is that the government now disseminates information and travel advice on the current hotspots. This enables every traveler to know which places and situations to avoid.

But again, I would say common sense applies, and personal security takes precedence at all times. Being an international traveler, its possible to stand out. Hence you need to take considerable care not to flash money around while also watching your belongings and wallet. This relates mostly to public transport.

Bustling Market

Again, why is kiev a popular tourist destination? It has been decades since soviet era restrictions got entirely out of the way. Now, tourists have a field day bargain-hunting in a city that is so vibrant and busy round the clock.

Most visitors revel in the classy designer clothes, electricals, and pricey leatherwear. The shopping malls boast of designer male/female attires from all the top brands in the world. And it does not stop there. You have the opportunity to scoop some of the most sought after souvenirs /mementos to carry back home.

What of the outdoor markets? Let me say that these and uncountable shopping malls dot the city. Thus, you have a line-up of locations to pick affordable fresh food, vegetables, and even drinks.

Exciting Nightlife

Another big reason for an increase in visitors is the fantastic nightlife, and this happens more during the summer. For instance, whenever my clients come, I schedule to introduce them to an emerging vibrant youth culture comprising live bands and studio music.

This, in essence, dominates the party and nightlife scene. Many tourists are familiar with locations like Nizhneyurkovskaya Street. Here, famous bars like Mezzonine, Closer, and Otel are popular for good music, and sensational nightlife.

Great Landscape

Most of my visitors have one major confession. They say that Kiev is a perfect location where they quickly discover and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Green leafy views mark the city with a mix of exciting landmarks, which provides a sense of magnificence and glamour.

An example is the landscape alley, a destination for fascinating fairy tales, and beautiful backdrops. The spot, which is open 24/7, with zero entrance fee, is an excellent pastime for both young and old. Other outstanding sites are the Hydro and Mariinskiy parks which offer the city with splendid greenery, and an impressive view of the river, respectively.

I should also say the Botanical Garden in Kiev is on the long list of must-see things for foreign guests. Here you kill two birds with one stone in the form of the beautiful rich fauna and the exploration of the Trinity Monastery.

Grand Monuments

Did I mention that Kiev is famous for its historical monuments and landmarks? That’s right. From museums, art galleries to ancient churches, these are significant attractions for throngs of international visitors throughout the seasons.

A magnificent site like Pechersk Lavra monastery is an amazingly enormous complex. It comprises not just cathedrals but ancient caves as well. This site is a holy place, with old churches multitudes congregate. It also draws a large number of tourists from all over the world. As a visitor, you have the chance to see mesmerize in endless beauty on any given day.

The National art museum of Ukraine is another famous landmark. It boasts of the great Ukrainian masterpieces and sculptures, some of which date back to the stone age period of the Kieran Rus. Besides, the contemporary art scene is also quite contagious. Many people cannot resist the urge to check out great exhibitions showing both local and international artistic prowess.

Great Food

Who would not want to venture where there is mouth-watering cuisine?

The exciting news is that Kiev caters to top-notch cuisine. Thus, besides sightseeing, many people revel in the delicacies of the numerous city restaurants.

Then, of course, there is top of the range eateries serving the best of world cuisine. Therefore, besides indulging in traditional Ukrainian delicacies, you can also enjoy a variety of English, Mexican, Italian, and American food.

The fantastic thing is that both local and international food is cheap. For instance, with just $2, you can enjoy a local beer in high-end restaurants. And if yours is the love for fast food, Kiev boasts of one of the busiest branches of the MacDonald’s in the world.

Final Thoughts

I would say the list of attractions in kiev is inexhaustive. But what is more important is that the city has a reputation as a haven. As your tour guide, I possess the most sought-after knowledge and expertise in terms of the best sites, best rates, and all there is to know about Kiev. Together we ensure that you get all the value for your money while in the city.

Make sure to contact best tour guide in Kiev for your city and nightlife tour!

See you in Kiev 🙂