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Ukraine ATM Withdrawal Limits and How to Avoid ATM Scams

Just like any other ATMs from around the world; Ukraine ATMs have their own withdrawal limits. These limits can differ and vary depending mainly on the type of your credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard and etc.) and the bank that owns the ATM you are withdrawing from. ATM withdrawal limits in Ukraine can be on a per transaction basis, daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

On average Ukraine ATM Withdrawal Limits generally varies from Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) 3,000 to 3,500 per withdraw.

Getting the exact amount of the ATM withdrawal limit is always tricky because your bank also has its own withdrawal, yet the Ukraine ATM withdrawal limits may take precedence over your own bank’s limits so it is important to plan ahead and have sufficient funds ahead of time.

If you find yourself withdrawing over the ATM withdrawal limits you can always try to transact in smaller amounts instead of withdrawing in one transaction.

How to locate ATMs in Kiev

Navigating a foreign city for the first time can be a challenge, even to the most seasoned of travelers and looking for a small ATM in a foreign city is even more challenging especially if you are trying to look for a safe and convenient place to withdraw cash. I always advice to withdraw cash from ATMs in Kiev downtown area, you can easily find them using these ATM locators:

Useful tip: To avoid paying extra charges, use only ATMs that match the same network of your card.


Other things to avoid when using ATMs in Ukraine or anywhere for that matter are scams!

These are couple of them:

Common ATM and credit card scams in Ukraine

ATM scams are common around the globe, especially in areas that are a hotspots for tourists.

These scams can be as simple as a card skimming or as sophisticated as a completely fake ATM machine that can trick even the most careful of travelers. And yes, the last one really did happen before!

These are couple of frauds and ATM scams to keep an eye for when traveling to Ukraine (or anywhere!):

ATM Skimming

Probably the most common ATM scam in the world and anyone can be an unwary victim!

The scammers use a device called “card skimmer” and illegally install it on a legitimate ATM machine. The device then collects and records data from users cards. More complicated skimmers include an additional video recording device also secretly installed near the keypad to record the pin. Tourists often fall prey to this scam because they are unfamiliar with what a local ATM in Ukraine should look like, and might miss to notice that something is wrong.

Good Samaritan ATM Scam

So your busy figuring out how to use the ATM that probably looks unfamiliar to you and holding back a line of other people waiting to use the machine. You fidget and panic and then someone from the crowd approaches you and pretends to help you with the ATM and unsuspectingly skims your card and observes your pin number or if he doesn’t have a skimming device most likely the criminal will ask for a small amount as a reward for helping you out with the ATM if you refuse, he might go all the way to distract you and swipe your wallet altogether.

Broken ATM Scam

This Scam will really get you off-guard, it is designed to send you in a panic. Ot works by putting glue in the card slot or money dispenser.

The concepts is as follows; after you enter your pin and withdraw the funds the ATM will fail to dispense because the card is stuck in the card slot and when you’re panicking on why the card won’t come out, someone will approach you and pretend to help, by telling you to ask for help (going to a nearby bank or something) meanwhile, the scammer will reassure you that he will stay infront of the ATM to look after your card (which is stuck inside). Once you are off for help, he simply just tug the card out and the money will dispense and when you come back, the scammer will be long gone together with your money and your card.

The Fake ATM Scam

The ultimate mother of all ATM scams in Ukraine and probably the whole world is the fake ATM scam!

If you’re not familiar with what a local ATM is supposed to look then chances are, you’ll never know that you’re transacting with a fake ATM. These Fake ATMs often pop-up in places that are frequently visited by tourists. The ATM looks so real that it might even fool some locals.

The good news is this scam has been defeated, and prevented from re-occurring with serious security majors once it was discovered and reported. So, one less scam to lookout for!

How to avoid ATM and credit cards scams when visiting Ukraine

You have to accept that no matter how safe or welcoming a city is there will always be criminals trying their best to swindle you from your hard-earned money. And scammers will never stop coming up with complex scams that at some point you willingly give your money away!

So, beside vigilant, here are couple of things to do to avoid ATM and credit card scams in Ukraine:

Make sure to plan ahead

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, or in this case plan to be scammed!

Always map out your itinerary and route ahead and determine which place is safe to withdraw funds. Using the official atm locators from the official websites of local banks will help you avoid using the dreaded fake ATMs.

Always, always inspect the ATM machine before using!

Lightly tug on the card slot to see if it is securely in place and not just taped over and also physically inspect the cash dispenser. Always inspect the ATM machine before using. Look for hastily added cameras especially on top of the keypad. Most ATM’s are constructed cleanly and neatly and do not have exposed wires or modules outside its metal shell. As an added precaution always cover the keypad with your hands when you are entering your pin.

Always be mindful of your surroundings

If someone is approaching you or is just casually loitering near the ATM. Walk away and find another ATM that is more prominent.

Use ATMs in Banks as much as possible

The best way to avoid ATM scams is to use the ATMs that are in the banks themselves. Most shopping malls have banks inside to looking for it won’t be a problem if you are in a shopping wall. If you are away from the city, always use the ATM in a Bank Branch.

I think you agree that traveling abroad with too much cash on hand is not the best of ideas!

And since ATMs are practically everywhere nowadays, and are always easy and convenient to use allowing you to quickly and safely withdraw your funds from anywhere in the world, it would be better to keep your trip budget on your credit/debit card, while keeping decent cash reserve on hand.

I recommend you click here for my complete Kiev Budget Guide, it help you plan your financial expenses when visiting Kiev, and adjust your travel budget.

Feel free to reach out and contact me for a consultation or booking a private guided tour of Kiev!

See you in Kiev 🙂