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What Draws Many Tourists to Ukraine?

What Draws Many Tourists to Ukraine

Did you know that Ukraine continues to register large numbers of tourists year after year? That is a fact. And as we speak, tourism is now a significant determinant of the economy of this country. Of course, this is not just a coincidence. There are excellent reasons for the upsurge in numbers.

Well, it so happens that Ukraine is host to some of the oldest and legendary cities, including Kiev, Odessa, and Lviv, which have a unique history. But it also has been at the center-stage of tough times, including the disaster at Chernobyl. It is through such situations that sheer determination for restoration has come about, clearly inspiring and creating interest beyond its borders.

Let’s investigate the main reasons why so many tourists are coming to Ukraine.

1. The Rich History of Ukraine

I have long maintained that Ukraine’s vibrant history, is a crucial reason that attracts many tourists. Fortunately, I’m not very far from the truth. Although tragic at times, the history of Ukraine is also quite inspiring. Examples are the Holocaust-related world war II, the Chernobyl disaster, and other happenings that mark the catastrophic history of Ukraine. But there are also so many punctuations of triumph, making the country one of great success.

Let’s reflect. Chernobyl is home to various ghost towns such as Pripyat. This, of course, garners much interest from so many visitors from all over the world. But then again, typical Chernobyl tours always factor in a visit to the exclusion zone. This tourist circuit is quite popular, and still part of the itinerary for my clients.

2. Home to Seven Wonders of Ukraine

According to world heritage, Ukraine consists of some of the most marvelous landmarks. These include St. Sophia Cathedral, built in the 11th century. The Carpathian Mountains and forests remain a wonder to behold.

Another sensation is the Struve Geodetic Arc, which links Norway’s Hammerfest to Ukraine’s Black sea. Let’s not forget the monastery of caves founded by St. Antony and St. Theodosia in Kiev. The country also has the most astounding monastery and ancient cathedrals that ever existed, including St. Michaels.

3. Historic Towns

From Kiev, Odessa, Lviv to Crimea, visitors consider these locations as still primeval and virtually undiscovered by the outside world. And this is partially true. Some of the villages still maintain their original way of life. A perfect example is the Carpathian forest, where locals wear traditional clothes and stick to their ancient farming practice; it’s quite interesting to see.

Also, tourists coming here have a chance to buy woven crafts and sculptures, some made from the rare local wood.

Lviv is the cultural city of Ukraine and features some of the western architectural designs. Most tourists throng here to have a feel of the quaint old town with narrow streets and magnificent towering churches.

Kiev, on the other hand, is famed for some of the largest dome churches and architecture. This comes with a mix of never-ending nightlife, which is a magnet for the most significant number of travelers coming into the country.

4. Recreational Facilities

Tourism is such an essential aspect of human development in Ukraine. It’s for that reason that most of its services are moving from the government to the private sector. As such, companies and even private citizens are coming up with impressive infrastructure in terms of recreational

As we speak, thousands of hotels, campsites, motels, and other types of tourism facilities are in existence. This, in effect, attracts more and more foreign guests because of the imminent possibilities that await them. Talk of the spas, health resorts, and mud therapy facilities within these tourism centers, then, you have both the seasoned and curious tourist making a line-up to visit.

5. Medical Tourism

I know it comes as a stagger, but great things are happening in Ukraine’s medical sector. The country has been gradually but surely dusting itself from the sorry state of its health systems of the Soviet era. Structures are now up and running so smoothly, thus attracting people from
other countries.

According to verified statistics, a sizable number of tourists are coming here for a wide range of medical services. Various health restorative services, such as dental, ophthalmology, and plastic surgery, among others, are entirely on-demand. Besides the high quality, most people think that these services are more affordable if you compare with other countries in Europe. Medicine in Ukraine is probably one of the first and most best services in this field, make sure to check them out!

6. Low Cost of Services

Ukraine is known for a wide range of advantages. This includes available and affordable
services. From transportation, food, medical care, and accommodation, costs for these services seem much lower than the rest of Europe and America. For example, eating out for most foreigners seems quite affordable. It’s a respite in a world punctuated by high inflation and high prices.

7. Best Locations

Did you also know that Ukraine has some of the mindboggling scenic views and magnificent landscape? That’s so true, and in the real sense, people have a knack for calm, greenery and beauty, which is in plenty here.

Whether you are visiting the countryside, or right within the cities, you are bombarded with spectacular backdrops and sites. Other aspects such as traditional Ukrainian village lifestyles, food, housing, and farming practices are always of great interest to the outsider.


There are so many advantages that tourists find in visiting Ukraine. The country is mostly safe, and concerns about radiation and political instability are unfounded. Then, Ukraine is host to some of the most magnificent backdrops and climates ideal for tourism-related activities.

Tourists have the opportune moments to savor the vibrant cities, grand monuments that have withstood time, breathtaking landscapes, and the attractive countryside. And not to forget, the country has the warmest, friendly and welcoming people. Finally, as your tour guide, I have a long list of the very best, and must-see places in Ukraine. Come and let’s see what awaits.

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See you in Kiev 🙂